Our Story

Situated between Hong Kong and Rome, Pop & Pope Restaurant sits high above the rooftops of Tel Aviv, overlooking the city from the 14th floor of HaArba's Towers. A true gathering spot of culinary crafts, Asian fusion, events, arts, concerts, and more. 

Pop & Pope

When you say POP & POPE, you mean passion - passion for art, food, design, and the combination of them, all wrapped up in one magical place. Every element of the restaurant has been thought out in great detail to achieve the highest possible standard of experience. From the location in the Tel Aviv sky, the unique design, the marriage of art and food, the thoughtful flow of the seating arrangements, and the high-end, exciting menu and expert staff, we've gathered together the makings of a perfect night out in Tel Aviv!





Elite Culinary

the culinary line is led by the international chef Shahaf Shabtai. Shabtai is one of the most active Israeli chefs in the world, trusted on restaurant menus around the globe, from India to the Czech Republic. In the menu, he creates a dialogue between traditional raw materials and inventive and creative Asian dishes.

Design - the design of the restaurant and furniture, setting the tone, and styling are the responsibility of the Armani Casa Milano studio under the direction of the super designer Giorgio Armani.


the restaurant incorporates an art gallery located throughout the space of the restaurant. The gallery presents a vast collection of original and exclusive works by Israeli and international artists, all of these pieces are available for purchase. Some pieces are the product of art created live in the restaurant - from the artist who paints amongst diners to the music played on stage by musicians and performers from Israel and abroad.


To the art gallery >> https://www.popandpope.com/gallery 

Private events - the spacious restaurant complex offers several seating styles suitable for a variety of private events. The VIP room fits up to 20 guests, the restaurant up to 150 diners,  and the event space fits up to 250 people.